Griffith: "Punks are gang leaders"

"A few punks who refer to themselves as gang leaders have been acting up and instrumental in over 12 homicides recently," declared Commissioner Gary Griffith to Guardian Media Wednesday evening.

Griffith had been coordinating several intelligence-driven operations executed by the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) in the Laventille, Beetham and Diego Martin area during the day and which continued last night into this morning in other areas. 

Several persons were detained including two suspected gang leaders police believe might have been responsible for ongoing gang activities and homicides.

Making direct reference to the release concerning the "red alert", Commissioner Griffith said, "So the alert state is to turn up the heat on these characters and their blind minions who foolishly commit a serious crime whilst their boss hides in the sanctuary of their home and put their lives at risk. There is no more "beefing up security. TTPS does not work in an abattoir," Griffith stated.

Griffith also sought to clear the air on the "red alert" release that was sent out late Wednesday evening saying, "The release is clear. An alert state is used worldwide and intensifies or decreases based on the threat and provides the law enforcement officers to ascertain how much more, or less law enforcement is required."

Commissioner Griffith said the alert is to ensure our law-abiding citizens are secure and they are not fearful in any way. 

- by Mark Bassant.

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