HDC moves in on unauthorised event at HDC-owned land

The T&T Police Service has been notified of a highly advertised “Hula Cooler, Bikini Splash” event carded to take place this Sunday on a parcel of land owned by the Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

Efforts are now being made to pull the plug on this event and it is expected that officials from the HDC's security department will be serving a cease notice to its party promoter.

Guardian Media understands that the unauthorised event, is being planned on illegal structures at HDC's reserve land, near Bon Air Gardens in Arouca. 

This event, which is scheduled to take place on October 27, from 9 pm to 3 am at "La Vie", has not been sanctioned by the HDC, according to HDC's corporate communications manager Dike Noel, "and every effort will be made to ensure that this illegal event, does not occur as advertised."

The event, according to the poster, is promoted by La Vie and it advertises two ladies on one ticket at $300; General $200 and at the door $250. The dress code is "bikinis and board shorts."

According to Noel, over the last two years, the HDC has adopted a firm approach in relation to illegal occupancy, trespassing and the construction of illegal structures. "As such, due process will be followed in this matter to ensure that these structures are removed, " Noel said.

He urged all homeowners who are in breach and individuals who have decided to trespass and construct illegal structures on HDC-owned land, to do the right thing and remedy the situation before "the HDC resorts to its final position which is demolition."

"The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has been notified and is expected to provide support and guidance in this regard," Noel said.



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