Here are the Chutney Soca semi-finalists

The 37 semi-finalists for the 24th edition of the Chutney Soca Monarch (CSM) have been announced.

The semi-final round of CSM will take place on Saturday 26th January at the Rig Gulf View at 8pm.

Approximately 100 artistes made submissions to be considered by a screening committee, and of these, 37 songs were selected and will now go on to compete at the semi-final stage.

Nishard Mayrhoo and Neval Chatelal are expected to defend their title on Saturday 16th February at Skinner Park, San Fernando.

Of the 37 semi-final contestants, only 9 will be selected to join the reigning champions for the Grand Final night.

The semi-finalist names are as follows -

1. Kavita Ramkissoon 

2. Russel Mohammed 

3. Kenneth Salick 

4. Kerron Tyron Williams 

5. Kenneth Supersad 

6. Surendra Ramoutar 

7. Keiron Lal 

8. Anil Pitie & Trevor Gore 

9. Veejai Ramkissoon & Jerome Precilla 

10. Vedesh Sookoo 

11. Nisha Ramsook 

12. Anil Rock 

13. Neeshan Prabhoo 

14. Ravi Babooram 

15. Krishna Ramdass 

16. Nigel Gobin 

17. Imran Beharry 

18. Ranjeev Ramdeen 

19. Amit Sagram 

20. Kess Ramroop 

21. Nesar Hosein 

22. Andy Singh 

23. Jesh Ramnanan & Nisha Baksh Lutchmedial 

24. Avinash Sookraj 

25. Hemlatha Dindial 

26. Rizaan Ali 

27. Shiva Lakhan 

28. Trishma Maharaj 

29. Jason Peru 

30. Amit Sooknanan & Amit Dookram 

31. Nirmal Adesh Samaroo 

32. Lalchan Babwah 

33. Ki Persad 

34. Veekash Sahadeo 

35. Samraj Jaimungal 

36. Omadath Maharaj 

37. Ricardo Melville

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