Highway stabbing after road accident

They say the roads in this country are becoming more and more dangerous but no one was prepared for this.a brawl erupted along the Churchill Roosevelt highway today in the glaring view of motorists..

The fight which involved two men and a woman appeared to have stemmed from a road traffic accident on the westbound lane in the vicinity of Aranguez.

According to videos and voice notes that surfaced following the incident, eyewitnesses claim the woman was stabbed by one of the men.

However, one account of the story suggests that one car was driving erratically and slammed into the other.

One driver emerged and smashed the windscreen of the other car and began stabbing the man and woman.

When the woman attempted to come to the defense of her driver, she was stabbed in the process.

Bystanders and motorists parted the fight which brought traffic to a standstill and held off the attacker until the authorities arrived.

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