Hit on Burke leaves one man dead in Sealots; 9 shot in 60 minutes

Nine people have been shot and at least one person is dead in two shooting incidents that took place over a 60-minute period in Sealots and Maloney Sunday evening.

A drive-by shooting on Pioneer Drive, Sealots, that appeared to have targetted community leader Cedric "Burkey" Burke, has left a 40-year-old man dead and five people injured.

The deceased has been identified as Rawling Williams of Sealots.

The other injured include Trey Beard, 23; Rahim Bruce, 23; Patrick Lauric, Trevor Isaac and 24-year-old Shenelle Johnson.

Police locked down Pioneer Drive from all traffic after responding to the incident.

Reports circulating on WhatsApp suggests that Burke was injured but a shot to his stomach but this could not be independently verified.

A voice message circulating on WhatsApp also suggests that men loyal to Burkey were able to "take him away" but did not say in what condition.

The shooting incident in Maloney involved at least three people at Building 15.

Initial information suggests that a man, his girlfriend and his mother were shot.

The three were rushed to hospital and are undergoing treatment.

It is not immediately clear what condition they are in at the time.

Tonight's shooting takes the murder count to 49.

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