Hurricane Nicole ravages Bermuda, moves out to sea

Thursday, October 13, 2016 - 13:30

Hurricane Nicole, a dangerous Category 3 storm, has passed over Bermuda on and moved out to sea.

At 2 pm Thursday, Nicole was about 90 miles northeast of Bermuda and moving away at 18 mph in a northeasterly direction, the National Hurricane Center reported.

It had winds of about 115 mph.

The storm is not expected to threaten the United States.

"Gradual weakening is forecast during the next couple of days," the hurricane center said.

Reports from the island today indicate widespread power and phone outages, as well as very powerful winds. 

Some 65,000 residents are expected to face the worst of the hurricane's conditions through early Thursday afternoon with some clearing up overnight. 

However, seas may remain rough, government schools and offices will remain closed through Friday and all flights are grounded until further notice. 

Elsewhere, there are currently no imminent tropical threats in the Atlantic basin. 

Still, all interests in the Caribbean and along the US Gulf and East coasts have been told they should continue to monitor the tropics over the coming weeks.