Imbert's "Come Outside" dare turns into "Come Inside" appeal

Monday, December 12, 2016 - 10:00

Finance Minister Colm Imbert has flipped the script from his famous dare to the Opposition in March 2015 to "Come Outside", to a call today for them to "Come Inside" as Opposition members stayed away from the House during debate on the controversial FATCA Bill.

"I appeal to them again, as I appealed in the past. I appeal to the Opposition members again, 'Come downstairs. Come Inside. Come Inside, Why are you outside?" Imbert said today while winding up debate on the legislation.


It was a throw-back to when he famously led the then PNM Opposition out of the House on March 25th, 2015, during a Motion of No-Confidence in the Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.

Back then he had told members of the House, "Mr Speaker I am not staying in this Parliament to continue this foolish debate. I am leaving now. We're getting out of here. You could say what you want. Whatever you have to say, say it outside. Mr Speaker, if they name man, if you name man, come outside. Don't stay inside."

Imbert's "come inside" call today evoked laughter from members of the Government, who were the only parliamentarians present but he said he was serious about his call.

The Opposition stayed away from the sitting after accusing the Government of not keeping its word about sending the FATCA legislation to a Joint Select Committee of Parliament.