Instagram unrolls Live Video for US customers

Monday, December 12, 2016 - 11:15

Instagram today announced that Live Video in Instagram Stories is rolling out to all of its users in the United States starting Monday. 

Introduced in November, Live Video is an Instagram Stories option that allows Instagram users to broadcast live video for up to an hour. 

Live video content is discovered through notifications that are sent out when a friend starts broadcasting, and through the Explore Tab.

Live videos can be created by swiping over to the Stories camera and then choosing "Live" mode. 

In the Explore Tab, users can also now see trending and popular live video content from around the world. Like Instagram Stories content, live videos disappear when the video stream ends. 

Previously, live videos were limited to a select group of test users, but as of today, live videos are rolling out to all U.S. users. Access will be available over the next few days.