International: Faceless fish discovered off coast of Australia

Friday, June 2, 2017 - 14:30

A team of international scientists have discovered, rather rediscovered a ‘faceless’ fish in the deep sea, believed to have been seen a century ago.

This happened after intensive research on the depths of a huge abyss just off the East Coast of Australia.

Sampling the Abyss – which was the mission’s name was initiated by Museums Victoria – helped find a species also believed to be new to science.

The faceless fish is 40 centimetres long and lived about 4 kilometres below sea level.

The scientist were clearly excited by the find since it was last spotted 144 years ago (1873).

According to Robin Wilson the Senior Curator at Museums Victoria, “Fish and other creatures from those depths look very different. That’s because the goalposts are different for them down there and they don’t need the things that we need like vision and need to smell. The animals from these depths and that environment are important to us. Although it’s a couple of kilometres deep, it’s not beyond human influence. There’s mining activities and fishing in these depths all around the world now. So we need to know what lives there.”