International: Helicopter crashes into Hudson River in NYC

A helicopter has crashed into the Hudson River in New York City, the fire department confirmed Wednesday afternoon.

A spokesperson for the FDNY confirmed the crash and said the pilot, the only person on board, was safely removed from the water with no injuries.

The department's verified Twitter account said there were two other non-life-threatening injuries.

Video taken by an onlooker showed the helicopter spinning and flying erratically before crashing into the river.New York Waterway, a company that operates ferries between Manhattan and New Jersey, said in a press release that one of its boats had rescued the pilot of the helicopter.

The company also assisted with rescue efforts when a U.S. Airways plane famously landed in the Hudson River in 2009.

Local news channels showed a large police and fire response to the crash, as onlookers flooded the riverside park to get a better look at the incident.

The West Side Highway was partially closed to southbound traffic following the crash as first responders towed the aircraft to the shore.

By 4pm local time, live footage showed the aircraft had been hoisted out of the murky river water and onto the deck of a boat.