'Krysis' wants deal before giving info

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - 06:15

Abdul “Krysis” Wakeel won’t “sing” until he gets what he wants.

The Unruly Isis member won’t come forward with information about issues in Enterprise, Chaguanas, unless proper arrangements are made to receive it and the State agrees not to engage in intimidation, coercion or prosecution, says Islamic front leader Umar Abdullah.

“These (conditions) are necessary because giving that sort of information is very risky - we know what happens to witnesses,” Abdullah told the T&T Guardian yesterday.

Abdullah, who claims to have engineered last Friday’s meeting between Wakeel and National Security Minister Edmund Dillon, as the minister toured the community, said he was Wakeel’s spokesman.

“I speak on his behalf. I’m advising him,” Abdullah said.

“He’s not speaking to anyone unless I’m present or give permission. He isn’t posting videos or calling any names to authorities. We’re trying to put everything into the proper perspective and legally.”

He said Wakeel was a rap singer who’d lived in the US, but couldn’t confirm or deny if Wakeel is a US deportee. He said he met Wakeel only recently, “not even a couple months.”

Abdullah said he’d gone to Enterprise last Friday to find out from the two warring factions about the situation there.

“I didn’t know Dillon would have been there. When I finished talking to the Unruly Isis group, I spoke to the other side, then saw Dillon’s party arriving in Enterprise,” he said.

“I informed Mr Dillon of my purpose. I said I could perhaps arrange for Wakeel to meet him and he said ‘yes.’”

Abdullah admitted that when Wakeel offered to give authorities information that day, Wakeel didn’t put conditions on his co-operation. But Abdullah said conditions are now necessary and Wakeel’s attorney must also be present when he speaks.

“It’s necessary since the issue is much deeper than T&T understands. Much history is involved. There were entities around previously who had responsibility and tools to deal with this then and didn’t. That includes the state and the police.”

Abdullah said police should use their social “might” - like the police’s Hearts and Minds Programme - rather than the state’s military might in Enterprise.

“They have the H&M programme for Muslims who were fighting in Laventille, it should be made available for Muslims in Chaguanas also. The State has this attitude to use intimidation - this won’t work in Enterprise. It’ll make it worse,” Abdullah said.

He said Wakeel wanted to work with “us.”

“We’re partnering with the Citizens’ Security Programme to treat with issues like Enterprise’s. We have two programmes ahead, I’ll be speaking Friday to reveal how stakeholders can end this dilemma,” Abdullah said.

He claimed Wakeel and others weren’t the key element of Enterprise’s issue.

“Major entities are responsible. Currently, he and his members are focused on themselves - trying to change the atmosphere around them - they’re doing prayers. I’ll arrange for some scholars to run classes for them.”

SOURCE: www.guardian.co.tt (Gail Alexander)