Kunti seeks medical treatment

Kunti Deopersad sought medical treatment yesterday, a day after she gave an account of how she escaped four abductors by picking a lock with a hairpin.

Up to press time yesterday, her husband Tilkee Gopaul, 61, of Oropouche South Trace said they were waiting for her to be medically examined at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Gopaul said Deopersad, 39, went to the Siparia Health Facility yesterday but was advised to go to the San Fernando General Hospital instead.

“We waiting here right now. The doctors still have to examine her,” Gopaul said.

Asked how Deopersad slept on the first night home after her ordeal, Gopaul said, “My wife slept good. After eight days of trouble, she finally got a good sleep.”

The story that Deopersad gave was met with scepticism by the police as well as people on social media. A senior investigator said that they found gaping holes in Deopersad’s story. However, he could not say whether Deopersad will face charges if she was found to be dishonest in her statements.

Gopaul and Deopersad have been together for 23 years and have seven children together aged 13 to 22. She also has a four-year-old grandson.

Gopaul described Deopersad as a loving and committed mother. He said she was not someone to lime and party and had been with her since she was a teenager.

On March 21, Deopersad said she went to the Princes Town Health Facility to get medication for a skin condition. While walking along Market Street, Deopersad said four men cornered her and another woman and forced them into a car. They were blindfolded and taken to a dark room where they were kept for seven days.

Deopersad said the men never harmed her and they fed her vegetarian food like roti, water and soft drink. She said the abductors never spoke to her. During the ordeal, she managed to send a message to her husband saying she was kidnapped.

A week later, Deopersad said she and another woman picked a lock with a hairpin and escaped. She said after walking through a track she arrived at Princes Town where she took a taxi and returned home.

Source: www.guardian.co,tt (Radhica Sookraj)

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