Law Association files documents to appeal ruling on investigation into Chief Justice

The Law Association has today indicated its intention to challenge the decision of High Court judge Nadia Kangaloo who on Tuesday ruled the association was acting illegally in investigating allegations of misconduct against Chief Justice Ivor Archie.

Today, attorneys representing the association filed documents at the Court of Appeal seeking to strike down that judgment.

They say Justice Kangalaloo erred in suggesting the association was not entitled to change the mind of the prime minister with regard to Section 137 which allows for the setting up of a tribunal to investigate the removal of a Chief Justice.

High Court judge Nadia Kangaloo quashed the matter, Ruling that the association was acting illegally and contrary to the provision of the Legal Professions Act, and therefore its action was null, void and of no effect.

Justice Kangaloo said, "the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago has acted outwith its authority under the Legal Professions Act in commencing and continuing its inquiry into the allegations against the Honourable Chief Justice."

It means the association can no longer submit the findings of its investigation to two eminent attorneys for advice on the way forward.

Justice Kangaloo gave her decision after the Chief Justice sought an injunction against the law body.

He took issue with the association's decision to conduct what he calls a "shadow investigation" into claims that he misused his office to benefit his associates.

He wanted to stop it from going further On the grounds that it did not have the required authority, saying Section 137 of the Constitution is the only avenue to remove a judge.

He also felt the law body was biased against him because of a previous no-confidence motion.


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