Man survives pit bull attack

A 64-year-old pensioner is thanking God for life today, after he survived an attack by a pit bull in front of his sister’s La Sieva Road, Sangre Grande home on Saturday.

Father of four Jairam Rampersad told T&T Guardian he was viciously attacked by a pit bull when he went to visit his sister.

Recalling the incident yesterday, he said the dog bit into his left hand and refused to let go, tearing away his skin in the process. He said he fell to the ground screaming in pain but began to wrestle with the dog in an attempt to get it off him. However, he said no one responded to his cries for help. Just when he thought the dog would overwhelm him Rampersad said the animal suddenly let go of his arm.

“I saw bottles next to the wall, I ran and grabbed the bottles with my right arm and began to pelt the dog. The dog ran into some bushes and disappeared,” Rampersad said.

Traumatised and bleeding profusely, he said he ran into his sister Dhannie’s house and she rushed him to Sangre Grande Hospital, where he was treated and kept for observation.

His sister later made a report to the Sangre Grande Police Station.

On Sunday the pit bull was seen on the road again and Dhannie Rampersad called the Sangre Grande police. They responded immediately and were about to put the dog down when they realised it had gone into a house on Factory Road, La Sieva. The police called out to the owner and asked him if he knew the dog had attacked someone the previous day. He told police he was unaware of what transpired.

Adding he hopes the police take action against the owner, Rampersad said, “I am looking forward for justice from the court. I thank God for being alive today. I am shocked and want to know why this vicious and aggressive dog was not silenced.”

Rampersad said although the dog’s owner was told of the incident he had not yet visited him up to yesterday.

WPC Meloney is investigating.

Source: (Ralph Banwarie)

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