Marisa Dick: It's been tough dealing with all this hate from T&T

Saturday, August 13, 2016 - 12:00

Marisa Dick, Trinidad and Tobago's representative in the gymnastic events in Rio, says it's been very hard dealing with the "hate" towards her from many in the country she went to represent.

Dick, speaking at the ESPN Studio in Rio, said, however, that the experience at the Olympics was a dream come true.

Dick was asked how she has been able to handle the controversy involving her qualification for the Olympics over Thema Williams. 

"It has been really tough just knowing that...I mean all of this is something that I was never used to. I never had all this hate towards me before and so just for it all to come and especially going into the Olympics when I was just trying to focus on my gymnastics...and there is all this extra hate going on around me, it was really tough," she said.

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Dick said she relied on her family and friends to boost her confidence and said she had to stay off social media to avoid seeing what was being said about her.

"I didn't read any of it but yeah it definitely was tough just coming in knowing that a lot of the country wasn't behind me," she said.

Dick added: "You know I was so honoured to be (here) for Trinidad and Tobago and just to know that some people would rather Thema go or no one, it was really heart-breaking. But as the games got close and as I'm here now I have so many supporters and it's just amazing that I feel all the love," she said. 

Dick said she received good support from members of the Trinidad and Tobago delegation as well.

"It's been awesome. They've been really great to me. We had a training camp in Sao Paulo before and it went really well. I left before everybody else because I couldn't train in Sao Paulo but when I left everybody gave me a hug, (wished me) safe travels, it's just been awesome," she said.

Dick, who did not advance past the opening rounds, had been embroiled in a controversy surrounding the decision by the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation to select her over Thema Williams.

Williams has taken legal action against the TTGF.