Mayaro man found shot dead in El Socorro

A Mayaro man was shot dead in El Socorro, San Juan this morning.

At 2:58 am, residents of Shaquille Trace heard a string of gunshots.

When investigators arrived they found a Suzuki Ignis with cold beers and food to the front of the car and  Dwayne Samaroo, of Ortoire Village, Mayaro, in the back seat. 

Samaroo, who only celebrated his 30th birthday two Sundays ago on November 11, was reportedly shot at 12 times.

The shots appeared to come from inside the car from the front seat.

The car's back windscreen was shattered.

Residents, many of whom who woke up to news of the murder, say they did not recognise the man or the vehicle.

They told the Guardian Media that based on where the car was parked it seemed to be positioned to turn. 

This made them believe that the driver was not familiar with the short road, as persons from the area do not enter the road like that, residents said.

They said another man was also taken to hospital following the incident.

Investigators said the cold beers and a warm food in a box on the dashboard of the vehicle, leading them to suspect the men involved in the incident had been dropping someone home following a night out.

Residents believe the man may have been caught up in a gang-related deal gone sour.

The car and the body were removed from the area shortly before 8 am.

- by Peter Christopher

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