Met Office warns of more bad weather, flooding

The Met of Trinidad and To­ba­go’s lat­est Ad­verse Weath­er Alert ad­vi­so­ry is at Or­ange Lev­el.

How­ev­er, the cur­rent weath­er pat­tern bring­ing ex­ten­sive rains across the coun­try is set to con­tin­ue un­til 6 pm Tues­day.

In its lat­est bul­letin a short while ago, the Met Of­fice said an ac­tive ITCZ con­tin­ues to pro­duce in­ter­mit­tent pe­ri­ods of rain/show­ers and thun­der­storm ac­tiv­i­ty which can lead to flash flood­ing and ex­ac­er­bate ex­ist­ing river­ine flood­ing. Show­ers can be heavy to tor­ren­tial at times and pro­duce dam­ag­ing gusty winds, it not­ed, and land­slides/land­slips are al­so like­ly in ar­eas so prone.

It ad­vised per­sons in ar­eas that have not yet been af­fect­ed to plan an emer­gency re­sponse to safe­guard life and prop­er­ty.

How­ev­er, the River­ine Flood re­mains at Red Lev­el up to Fri­day (Oc­to­ber 26)


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