Minister applauds CEPEP for prompt response

Friday, October 26, 2018 - 07:45

Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Haji Kazim Hosein has applauded the efforts of the Community Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP), for their prompt response to citizens who have been severely affected following the adverse weather conditions and subsequent flooding.

Hosein made an assessment of the affected areas such as El Carmen, St. Helena, Kelly Village, Las Lomas, Boy Cato Road, Constantine Road, Ross Trace, Greenvale Park, Carapo, Sangre Grande, Oropune, Madras Road, Sangre Grande, Mafeking, and Cedar Grove Road.

He commended CEPEP saying, “In every affected area that I visited, I have seen CEPEP teams out in full force, assisting burgesses with removal of household appliances and furniture, power washing and sanitizing homes; and this is highly commendable. Some field officers have even indicated that teams are willing to go above the call of duty just to provide assistance to those impacted. I would like to thank the Management, Contractors, and Operations Team at CEPEP for their unreserved efforts in this stage of recovery as we continue to work together to return these affected areas to some sense of normalcy.”

Thus far, the devastated regions of Tunapuna/Piarco, Sangre Grande, Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo, Arima and Mayaro/Rio Claro have been receiving overwhelming support from CEPEP with cleaning of roads, drains, schools, religious organizations as well as elderly and children homes.