Ministry extends suspension of 'weed-smoking' students as defiant IG video emerges

Education Minister Anthony Garcia is disturbed about a video on Instagram which shows the suspended Diego Martin North Secondary School girls boasting about their deeds.

The video on Instagram Live shows at least two of the girls who were at home due to the suspension "bigging up" their drug supplier while boasting that their exploits which were shared numerous times on social media had made them famous.

Responding to the video Minister Anthony Garcia said he was greatly disturbed by the video and confirmed that their suspensions have been extended.

This, however, had nothing to do with the video as the request for the extension came from the Principal on Thursday.

CNC3 news was informed that one of the girls sent threatening text messages to the Principal.

An official at the Education Ministry also said attempts were made to assist one of the suspended girls with finishing her School Based Assessment (SBA's) however the student was uncooperative. 

Minister Garcia said from next Monday the girls will be sent to a Learning Enhancement Center where they will be supervised by Guidance Counselors with an aim to rehabilitate. 

The Minister said what he saw in the video was a cry for attention and a plea for help.

- by Akash Samaroo

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