Ministry late with stipends for nursing students

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 12:00

Due to financial constraints at the Ministry of Education, nursing students have not received their stipends for the last month. 

The nursing students are calling on the ministry to take immediate steps to ensure that their stipends are paid and Education Minister Anthony Garcia has assured that the situation will be rectified. 

“We will make sure that their stipends will be paid,” Garcia said as he addressed the launch of the principal leadership series in San Fernando on Tuesday. 

 However, he could not say how soon the students will receive their $1,200 stipends. 

Meanwhile, at the Costaatt campus in San Fernando, nursing students met with president Dr Gillan Paul who said they would be working with the ministry to find a way forward. 

The nursing students said many of them depend on the stipend to travel and take care of their family. 

The students were made aware of the situation in a memo on Monday in which Dr Paul indicated that the college was unable to pay their stipends for the month of June and possibly to the end of this fiscal year in September. 

She further indicated that they received notification from the ministry of the reassignment of $8 million from the college’s nursing stipend allocation. 

The students have threatened that if their stipends are not paid by next week, they will boycott the nursing programme. 

- by Sascha Wilson. Photo by Ivan Toolsie.