Ministry surprises road repair crew

Cou­va/Tal­paro/Tabaquite Re­gion­al Cor­po­ra­tion chair­man Hen­ry Awong says it is a mir­a­cle that the Works and Trans­port Min­istry, on the eve of a cit­i­zens-dri­ven road re­pair ini­tia­tive in Tabaquite, the min­istry found ma­te­r­i­al to par­tial­ly fix the road.

"It had to be a mir­a­cle for them to find ma­te­r­i­al so quick to come out here on Tues­day morn­ing to car­ry out road re­pairs be­cause they have been say­ing one cry all the time, they have no ma­te­r­i­al, no equip­ment, and very lim­it­ed man­pow­er," said Awong who joined about 60 res­i­dents and Cor­po­ra­tion work­ers in car­ry­ing out re­pairs at a bad­ly dam­aged area along the Tabaquite/Guaracara Road yes­ter­day.

He lament­ed that for more than a year res­i­dents and com­muters have been clam­our­ing for the main road, which falls un­der the Min­istry, to be fixed.

He said the road con­nects San Fer­nan­do to Tabaquite and fur­ther ar­eas like Ma­yaro and Rio Claro. Fol­low­ing a tour of the area by Work Min­is­ter Ro­han Sinanan a year ago, Awong said, "So far, all we have been get­ting from the Min­istry of Works is that they have no ma­te­r­i­al, they have no man­pow­er, they have no equip­ment in the Mayo Min­istry of Works dis­trict in which the area falls."

With the help of kind-heart­ed peo­ple who sup­plied ma­te­r­i­al and equip­ment, he said res­i­dents and work­ers got to­geth­er to car­ry out re­pairs.

"The Min­is­ter of Works, ap­par­ent­ly they have for­got­ten this par­tic­u­lar area and it has been a nor­mal thing once the PNM is in gov­ern­ment and we are in Op­po­si­tion, we tend to get noth­ing done in these ar­eas." He iden­ti­fied oth­er roads in­clud­ing Coros­al Road, Bras­so Tamana Road, and Pi­paro Road, which are in crit­i­cal need of an up­grade.

Nev­er­the­less, Awong thanked the min­istry for car­ry­ing out the road re­pairs on Tues­day. How­ev­er, he warned that if no re­pairs are done soon they will be in­ten­si­fy­ing their ac­tions.

"We go­ing to mo­bilise the peo­ple and we go­ing to take se­ri­ous ac­tion if noth­ing is done in a short pe­ri­od of time," he said.

Ear­li­er this week in re­sponse to a road protest by the Point Fortin Taxi Divers As­so­ci­a­tion, Sinanan said no new projects can be done un­til the 2019 bud­get is passed.

 - by Sascha Wilson 

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