Missing 21-year-old Barrackpore woman found

Two days after she went missing, 21-year-old Shanaez Khan has been reunited with her family after being found by police staying in a house in Sangre Grande.

While her relatives are convinced that she was kidnapped and then released, police said based on investigations, Khan left home on her own free will.

It is believed she was staying by a friend whom she knew.

Khan was reported missing by her mother Sandra Khan on Wednesday. 

In a statement to police, Khan said around 10.30 am she asked her to daughter to open the family’s business in front of their Papourie Road, Barrackpore home.

Shanaez who was wearing a pink shirt, grey track pants and grey sneakers, took the keys and then disappeared.

When they realized she was missing, Khan lodged a report at the Barrackpore police station.

Khan said her daughter suffers from frequent seizures and has to take medication three times a day.

Relatives yesterday expressed relief that she came home safely.

Barrackpore police said they recorded a statement from Shanaez saying she was not kidnapped.

The case is now closed. 


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