Morgan shoots UWI to victory

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 16:45

Open Cam­pus of the Uni­ver­si­ty of the West In­dies goal-shoot­er Shaniya Mor­gan was made to work for each goal but it was worth it as the six-foot­er led her team to a 28-23 vic­to­ry over TSTT to ad­vance in the Jean Pierre Chal­lenge of the Courts All Sec­tors Net­ball League on Mon­day.

Play­ing at the East­ern Re­gion­al In­door Sports Are­na in Tacarigua, Mor­gan shot with 95 per cent ac­cu­ra­cy, net­ting 19 goals from 20 at­tempts in the fi­nal match of the evening to see Open Cam­pus to the next round in the knock­out com­pe­ti­tion for teams in the Cham­pi­onship Di­vi­sion.


Mor­gan was ably sup­port­ed by goal-at­tack Akeela Ro­driguez who added the oth­er nine gaols from 17 tries in the in­tense match-up which saw TSTT trail for most of the 20-minute-a-half clash.

TSTT goal-shoot­er Jo­ce­lyn Mar­celle (10/15) and goal-at­tack Kani­ka Paul Payne (13/20) did well, to bring their team with­in two (14-12) at the half but sev­er­al turnovers in the sec­ond half which Open Cam­pus took full ad­van­tage saw the "Tele­phone Girls" fall top the five-goal de­feat.

Ear­li­er, its se­nior team claimed a low-scor­ing 16-9 win over Po­lice Y in the Retro Di­vi­sion. TSTT was led in the shoot­ing cir­cle by Denise Rose with 10 of 24. In the evening's open­ing match, Don­na Elise Charles with 26 in 37 guid­ed Po­lice X to a 38-18 win over Jabloteh.

On Sat­ur­day, Joelisa Coop­er took on the role of goal-at­tack for Fire Ser­vice against Po­lice X and she ex­celled once more to lead her team to a huge 79-26 vic­to­ry in the Pre­mier­ship Di­vi­sion.

Coop­er pro­duced 46 goals from 49 tries while part­ner­ing with goal-shoot­er Afeisha Noel in the cir­cle. Noel went on to net 32 goals from 44 at­tempts as her team con­trolled from the first pass, build­ing a huge ad­van­tage in the open­ing quar­ter, 24-9 and ex­tend­ing that lead to 30 by the halfway mark against a Po­lice side that had goal-shoot­er Jil­lisa Al­lan (20/31) and goal-at­tack Je­selle Navar­ro (3/6) op­er­at­ing in the of­fen­sive cir­cle.

On the re­sump­tion, the Po­lice­women mar­gin­al­ly im­proved scor­ing most of their goals in this pe­ri­od but not close to the num­ber of goals need­ed to make a come­back. Po­lice made one change in the shoot­ing bring­ing in Ani­ka La Roche-Brice as the goal-at­tack and she was good enough for three of six but far from enough to catch the blaz­ing Fire, which re­mains un­beat­en af­ter three rounds of match­es.

In the oth­er con­test in the Pre­mier­ship Di­vi­sion, De­fence Force sealed a 38-27 vic­to­ry over Po­lice Y. Goal-shoot­er Anas­tas­cia Wil­son and Jameela Mc­Carthy had match­ing shoot­ing fig­ures as each scored 19 of 35.

The next match­day in the 30th edi­tion of the league is to­mor­row with match­es in the Al­ter­na­tive Di­vi­sion, start­ing at 5.30 pm.



Jean Pierre Chal­lenge (Cham­pi­onship Di­vi­sion Knock­out)

TSTT 23 (Jo­ce­lyn Mar­celle 10/15, Kani­ka Paul Payne 13/20) vs Open Cam­pus 28 (Shaniya Mor­gan 19/20, Akeela Ro­driguez 9/17). Half time: 14-12 (Open Cam­pus)

Retro Di­vi­sion

Po­lice X 38 (Bev­er­ly Her­nan­dez 9/11, Don­na Elise Charles 26/37, Giselle Nor­ton 3/5) vs Jabloteh 18 (Lil­ia Cameron 9/13, Sher­ry Thomas 0/0, Ju­lia brit­to 9/21). Quar­ter scores: 1st. 14-4, 2nd. 25-8, 3rd. 31-13 (All in Favour of Po­lice).

Po­lice Y 9 (Bev­er­ly Rodgers 6/15, Jen­ny Chan­dler 1/2, Kar­lene Grayson 2/6) vs TSTT 16 (Denise Rose 10/24, De­bra Alie 6/9). Quar­ter scores: 1st. 5-2, 2nd. 9-4, 3rd. 12-5. (All in Favour of TSTT).


Pre­mier­ship Di­vi­sion

Fire 79 (Afeisha Noel 32/44, Joelisa Coop­er 46/49, Si­mone Mor­gan 1/3) vs Po­lice X 26 (Jil­lisa Al­lan 20/31, Je­selle Navar­ro 3/6, Ani­ka La Roche Brice 3/6). Quar­ter scores: 1st. 24-9, 2nd. 42-12, 3rd. 60-20 (All in favour of Fire).

De­fence Force 38 (Anas­tas­cia Wil­son 19/35, Jameela Mc­Carthy 19/35) vs Po­lice Y 27 (Tiana Dil­lon 13/23, Tahi­rah Hollingsworth 13/24, Chyenelle Dol­land 1/3). Quar­ter scores: 1st. 9-7 (Po­lice), 2nd. 18-18, 3rd. 26-24 (D Force).

Cham­pi­onship Di­vi­sion

X Group

UTC 40 (Avi Ann Archie 18/23, Lil­i­ah Matthews 21/33, De­bra Su­pervill;e 1/4) vs Bermudez 38 (26/36, In­dra An­der­son 10/17, Rayann Bris­tol 2/4)|. Quar­ter scores: 1st. 11-7, 2nd. 20-17, 3rd. 27-25 (All in favour of UTC).

Po­lice X 41 (Raquel Rus­sell 30/44, Dones­sa Wick­ham 3/6, Jenice McIn­tosh 8/10) vs De­fence Force 27 (Melis­sa Snag­gs 7/12, Make­da Pierre 14/28, So­journ­er Hyles-Lewis 6/15). Quar­ter scores: 1st. 11-4, 2nd. 20-11, 3rd. 33-18 (All in favour of Po­lice).

Y Group

Open Cam­pus 47 (Akeela Ro­driguez 5/10, Za­kiya McKen­na 1/2, Shaniya Mor­gan 35/41, Ri­an­na Ali 6/9) vs Po­lice Y 16 (Ash­ley Wick­ham 1/4, Kaliyah Coop­er 11/19, Cheryse Aguil­le­ria 4/6). Quar­ter scores: 1st. 6-4, 2nd. 20-9, 3rd. 35-11 (All in favour of Open Cam­pus).

Thurs­day's match­es

Al­ter­na­tive Di­vi­sion

MIC Tigers vs Po­lice X, 5.30 pm