Mother in shock over murder of security guard

Camille Taitt, 40, mother of security officer Ricardo Dixon, 22, was yesterday lost for words as she tried to come to terms with having lost her second son in six years to crime violence.

Dixon left home at 5.20 am Thursday to pick up first-day duties at Heller Security Services.

Just under two hours after, Taitt said she went into an immediate state of shock and disbelief when she saw the body of her son fully clad in his security uniform with his beret intact lying as though he was peacefully asleep on the roadway at Xeres Road in Carlsen Field.

Dixon was shot six times and was able to tell a passerby what happened to him minutes before he passed away on the scene. 

Police found five spent .40 calibre shells on the ground near his body. Dixon was the father of a one-year-old girl.

Speaking with the Guardian Media yesterday, Taitt said her son was very excited for his first day as a security guard and was looking forward to taking up duty, “I woke him up at 5 am and walked him to the road and looked at him walking out for a taxi. I never knew what happened to him until I saw his body on Facebook.”

“I do not know what to say about this crime situation. This is hard to deal with having lost my second son to murder. Just last month made it six years since my first son, Renaldo was stabbed to death in school at Waterloo Secondary School,” Taitt said.
Asked if her son was ever threatened before or was involved in any fight or argument with anyone, Taitt just replied: “I don’t know and would never really know.”

However, another close relative claimed that Dixon’s life was threatened on many occasions but did not continue to say why.

At his home at Bhagna Trace, close neighbours and relatives gathered at his home, which is located opposite to the infamous hotel – Santa Maria Hotel or Dad’s Dan.

Neighbours described Dixon as a young man “with few words,” “He never used to talk much…sometimes he would say good morning or hello when he is passing and then other times he would just go b straight without saying a word.”

Asked if he used to lime on the block or on the street regularly, the neighbour said: “He would be seen with the other fellas around helping them out in whatever they would be doing…he was always around.

We knew him as a baby growing up but sometimes when a child grows up and chooses their own path you can’t really say anything to them.”

All supervisors and managers at the security company were not available for comment as they were said to be engaged with investigating officer's and relatives of Dixon.

On May 26, 2013, Dixon’s older brother, Renaldo, who was 14 years at the time and a Form Three pupil, was stabbed three times and his wrist slit by a 16-year-old Form Five pupil of the said school.  

According to a police report with regards to that incident, Renaldo and a schoolgirl were sitting on a bench at about 10 am when the other boy attacked him.

Dixon’s murder was recorded as the 238th for the year so far. 

- Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant


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