Mundo Nuevo on the brink of isolation

Friday, November 15, 2019 - 15:45

It's a 30 feet drop for you and your vehicle if you misjudge the remaining 5 feet of the roadway near a massive landslip on the Mundo Nuevo Road. 

It's a hazard that the 3 to 4 hundred residents live with daily. 

But the danger of a crumbling roadway with little to no warning signs as you approach it is not the only issue. 

'We are moments away from being totally isolated and marooned.' 

President of the Mundo Nuevo Village Council Manmohan Gosine says for over a year the road has been breaking apart. 

Residents say a burst Wasa main that went unattended for weeks caused the erosion underneath. 

' We can't get goods and services, emergency vehicles can't come here,' Manmohan said lamenting that if a fire truck was needed it would be unable to access the community. 

'A school van driver already said if by next week this isn't fixed he not working this area,' one parent of a student of the Brazil Secondary School. 

And a poultry farmer said feed trucks cannot make the journey to the village now and with that comes the risk of several farmers in the area losing tens of thousands of dollars. 

Meanwhile, Works Minister Rohan Sinanan said a team from his Ministry visited the area yesterday and he is expecting a report this coming Monday.

He said temporary remedial works will begin once that report is delivered to permanently fix the landslips along that roadway.

Reporter: Akash Samaroo