Murder in Sangre Grande

Relatives of Timothy Nathaniel, 37, from Sangre Grande, who was shot while in the yard of his home on Sunday night are left with many questions as to why anyone would want him dead.

Nathaniel was an animal farmer who reared cows, pigs and ducks for sale.

At about 11.35 pm he was standing in the tard of his home at Blake Avenue Extension when a group of men approached him. He was shot in the left side of the chest.

Speaking with the Guardian Media on Monday while at Forensic Science Centre in St James, one of Nathaniel's relative, who did not disclose her name said she saw some strange people, "We watch them. I just ask who’s that. Next thing I hear is gunshots and when we look for him he was shot."

"They didn’t come for anything. They shoot and go. So they come for him. He was just in his boxers and a jersey. So like he see them too and walk towards them and they shoot him. We don’t know why or anything," she added. 

Nathaniel was the father of three children (16, 12 and three) and described as "loud," "He was naturally loud, people used to think he was quarrelling or something but he was just loud. But could always make you laugh. He wasn’t a violent fella at all.

So we don’t know why this happen."

Nathaniel was pronounced dead on arrival at the Sangre Grande District Hospital. 

-  Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

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