Naps girl tops region in Language Studies

Caption: Proud mother Ina Narinesingh and her son Ethan shows the trophy that her daughter Kirese Narinesingh receives for topping the region in Language Studies at during Naparima Girls College High School speech day and Awards Ceremony at Susamachar Presbyterian Church on Friday. Photo by Rishi Ragoonath.

A student of Naparima Girls High School has topped the region as the most outstanding language studies candidate of the Caribbean.

During the school's speech day and prizegiving, held at the Susamachar Presbyterian Church on Friday morning, Kirese was honoured for excellence in her CAPE examination.

Her mother Ina Narinesingh and brother Ethan attended the ceremony and Ina collected five awards on behalf of Kirese who is studying at the University College London (UCL) in England.

In an interview, Ina said she was very proud of her daughter.

"I can't explain what I'm feeling now. It is an amazing feeling, so joyous. Kirese won the most outstanding candidate in language studies in the region and she will also receive another award in December in St Vincent and the Grenadines," she said.

Ina said the teachers of Naparima Girls High School were instrumental in her daughter's success.

She said Kirese studied Literature, Spanish and French at NGHS.

"Currently she is studying languages and pursuing comparative literature abroad, " Ina said.

Asked what was the secret to the daughter's success, Ina said, "She loves to study. As soon as she comes home she would not take a break. She would study for hours. On weekends she would take a day off on Saturday but on Sunday she would continue her work."

Ina said Kirese was unsure what field she wanted to pursue.

"She has a lot of options as to what she can do. She is a powerful writer. She can become a translator and work with the United Nations. She doesn't know yet what she wants to be. She can become a teacher as well as. I have been a teacher for the last 30 years," Ina said.

She said whatever pathway Kirese chose she knew her daughter would do well.

Kirese's father Kirk is a publisher while her grandfather Roy Narinesingh is a national award winner who won the Chaconia silver medal. 

- by Radhica De Silva. Photo by Rishi Ragoonath.


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