NCFTT president says he never called for Gosein's song to be banned from competition

Thursday, December 28, 2017 - 06:45

President of the National Chutney Foundation (NCFTT) Dr Vijay Ramlal Rai says his comments in relation to Massive Gosein's songs had nothing to do with the Chutney Soca competition.

Dr Rai says he is not in support of lyrics that degrade women in general.

The following is a statement issued by the NCFTT president today:

"I have read in today's Express 28/12/17 page 5 article indicating that I have said that Gosein should be banned from respective competitions.

First of all no one contacted me to ask my view and secondly, my position is very clear, it had nothing to do with any competition at all.

In fact, Gosein stopped entering CHUTNEY SOCA MONARCH FOR YEARS. And it was never the policy of the National Chutney Foundation (NCFTT) to ban anyone from any competition, that is up to the organizers of respective competitions especially when its a private competition.

The NCFTT is an organization incorporated via an act of Parliament - Act 6 of 2000.

My comment re this song was and still is "I said that there is one word "Count" which should be left out or changed to a word such as "Vex".

Since we are adults and understand the double meaning of words and know what the connotations of the use of the word could be, since it has happened in the past and many of us also commented then, the NCFTT have been developing better and more positive lyrics so we have been producing for the past seven years, the Schools Intellectual ChutneySoca Monarch Competition for all Primary and Secondary schools, all because the adult songs were conveying too much negative messages.

The other point I mentioned is, a large portion of the population in this country are Hindu and in fact pray to many female versions of God and at Diwali the worship of mother Laxmi and for Christians the worship of mother Mary plus we have a wonder of the world in Siparia where both Hindus and Christians  worship the same female saint "La Divina / Supari K Mai. 

How then can we or should we agree to sing or compose using words to express a negative soundtrack of women and or females?  We all must respect women even if you think they sometimes don't respect themselves. Our duty is to respect and worship mothers since we all came from a female. In some teachings "God said your Mother is First and then come to Him".