NCRHA brings brighter smiles to Blanchissuese

The North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) has launched a new “Brighter Smiles” Dental Outreach initiative to the Blanchisseuse community as what it says is part of a wider plan to deliver quality healthcare to rural communities.

The NCRHA said the outreach initiative, which started on July 17th 2018, is a collaboration between the North Central Regional Health Authority and the Blanchisseuse Village Council.

The Brighter Smiles Dental Outreach is the second major health project in this community for July, following the launch of the Community Partnership 1st Response (CPR) initiative two weeks ago.

Twenty-nine residents from Blanchisseuse were seen by a medical team from the NCRHA comprising dentists, dental assistants and nurses at Block B, of the Arima District Health Facility.

In its first installment, residents were provided with a wide range of services including dental examinations, cleanings, extraction and x-rays where necessary.

Health Minister, Terrence Deyalsingh commended the NCRHA on the launch of the initiative, describing it as another victory for the public health care system, not just in the NCRHA district, but on a national level.

He emphasized the importance of projects of this nature and the role they play in improving community health by focusing on preventative intervention.

He said plans were already in train to develop and expand the initiative to include screenings and awareness programmes at schools and other institutions within rural communities across the country.

The NCRHA team provided a wide range of preventative primary dental care services to the excited group of young patients from Blanchisseuse.

NCRHA Chairman, Steve De Las said the initiative was a progressive step towards providing a comprehensive, community-focused healthcare service for our citizens.

“The implications for the public health system are tremendous. Walk The Talk, In Touch, Brother’s Keeper, and now Brighter Smiles are all community-based projects that have allowed us the opportunity to positively engage and manage health challenges affecting our people, especially in the remote areas. We want our communities to know that the NCRHA is prepared to do what it takes to ensure that they are well taken care of,” he added.

The initiative will take place on a monthly basis, with shuttle services being provided from the rural community to the hospital facility. 

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