New $3 million dog pound for San Fernando

The San Fernando City Corporation has been allocated over $3 million for a new dog shelter in San Fernando.

This was revealed by Rural Development and Local Government Minster Kazim Hosein who asked for a status report on the pound during yesterday’s Statutory Meeting at the San Fernando City Corporation.

“I want you all to spend all the money. There has been a lot of talk about this,” said Hosein.

Under Hosein’s tenure as San Fernando mayor in 2016, the dog pound near Roodal Cemetery at Lady Hailes Avenue, was shut down following concerns by animal right activists and groups about its dilapidated condition and the cruel treatment meted out to the animals.

Chief Executive Officer Indarjit Singh said two weeks ago the ministry sent a memo about the money being allocated, but the corporation has not yet received it.

However, he said everything is in place to begin the work, including the drawings and the site. He said in the past, areas on the outskirts of San Fernando, as far as Siparia and Couva, would utilise the pound, but now in a dilapidated state they were unable to enforce the laws pertaining to dogs.

However, he said an issue of concern which he intends to raise with the project manager is security. He said the $3 million will not be adequate to fence the property off Ruth Avenue.

Hosein said, “We have mid-term coming up just now. So once you start the project and you give the figures you need we will make the projection to the ministry.”

He also advised Singh to ensure they consult with animal rights activist Jowelle De Souza and other stakeholders.

Hosein said he has also been receiving letters from residents complaining about being charged money to dump their garbage at the Lady Hailes Avenue dump.

He said, “If people have to pay to dump garbage there, that is a seriously thing.”

However, Singh said that issue has always been a problem.

Source: (Sascha Wilson)

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