No mortgage, rental payments until January for flood-affected HDC residents

Households affected by flooding will begin getting flat cheques from tomorrow, amounting to $15,000 for households without children and $20,000 for households with children, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley announced on Thursday.

In addition, Housing Development Corporation (HDC) residents affected by the floods will have their mortgage and rent payments deferred until January 2019, to allow them to have more money to recover.

HDC residents pay mortgages to the Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance Limited and rent payments are made to the HDC.

The prime minister was speaking at Thursday's post-Cabinet news conference.

He told the media that approximately 2,000 houses have been affected by the floods.

The cheques will be handed out by the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services.

The prime minister noted that there is a third grant that can be accessed for $25,000, in cases where plumbing and electrical infrastructure have been damaged.

In the case of Greenvale in particular, Dr Rowley said the electricity is supplied by way of underground conduits and he said all of it was impacted by floods.

However, he said the HDC has undertaken to do the inspection and rectification of electrical or plumbing problems in Greenvale, so that residents there will not qualify for the extra money in that regard. 

He said that all other communities affected by floods will qualify for grants based on existing criteria. 

The prime minister said that he believes the cost will run above the initially-estimated $25 million.

However, he says the funds being received from regional banks, should cover most of the bill.


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