One Held, Two Firearms, Ammo and Drugs Seized in POS Division

Monday, December 23, 2019 - 11:30

One man has been arrested and two firearms and quantities of marijuana and ammunition seized by officers of the Port of Spain Division, over the weekend.

The arrests and seizures took place during an Operation Strike Back Two exercise, conducted in the Belmont and Cascade Districts on Saturday 21 December.

The exercise also included officers of the Port of Spain Division Task Force, Interagency Task Force, Belmont Operations Unit, Besson Street Operations Unit, Transit Police, Canine Unit and the Air Support Unit.

Official police reports confirm that during the exercise, officers arrested a 33-year-old Cascade man for possession of a revolver and six rounds of ammunition.

Police state that whilst conducting searches in the Belmont Valley Road District, officers observed a male suspect exit a brown Nissan Almera motor vehicle and run off.

A search of  the area resulted in the discovery of one automatic Glock pistol loaded with  12  rounds  of  ammunition,  and  750  grammes  of  marijuana.

Investigations are ongoing.


Story by NEWS DESK