Out-of-contract CNMG workers must wait for gratuity payments

Employees of state-owned broadcaster CNMG whose contracts have expired will have to wait a little bit longer for their gratuity payments. 

About 51 contracts expired in the last two months and in a letter to those members of staff, CNMG's management stated that while the gratuity will be paid, it will not be in the three months originally agreed upon.

It comes as the re-branding from CNMG to TTT is expected to take place Thursday afternoon.

It is unclear how many members of staff will receive new contracts under TTT.

CNMG chairperson Lisa Agard told CNC3 News that the company does not have the cash to pay the gratuities at this time.

She assures, however, that as soon as it is available, payments will be scheduled to the affected staff.

She says she is aware that this is a matter that needs to be addressed in the interest of the workers and that the board is managing the situation as best as they can.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Minister of Communications Stuart Young are expected to speak at the re-launching ceremony tomorrow.


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