Over $1.4 million in marijuana found and seized

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - 12:45

Police officers from the South Western Division Task Force have seized $1.4 million worth of marijuana.

According to official police reports, the marijuana was found and seized from an abandoned pickup in the Point Fortin area.

On Monday 2nd December 2019, PC Loubon, PC Durity, PC Bowen and PC  Periera  all  of  the  South  Western  Division  Task  Force,  reportedly were  on  a roadblock  duty  along  Southern  Central  Road,  Point  Fortin,  when  they received  information  of  a  white  Hyundai  H-100,  one-tonne  pickup transporting illegal narcotics.

The officers observed a vehicle of the exact description proceeding in their direction. Upon seeing the officers, the driver turned the vehicle around and sped off in the opposite direction.

PC Periera, with the  assistance of  the  other officers, gave chase  and a short distance  away,  discovered  the  vehicle  abandoned  along  the  roadway  in the vicinity of Salazar Trace.

PC Periera searched the  tray of the vehicle  and discovered seven crocus bags  underneath  a  blue tarpaulin,  containing  183  brown  coloured packets of marijuana weighing a total of 145 kilogrammes. 


The drug has a street value of TT$1,450,000.

The marijuana was taken to the Cap De Ville Police Post.

Investigations are ongoing.



Story content and images courtesy TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO POLICE SERVICE