Over 700 more teachers trained to integrate ICT in teaching

A new group of 735 secondary school teachers from 77 schools in Trinidad and seven schools in Tobago have successfully completed the Ministry of Education’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) Teacher Professional Development Programme.

The training is to empower teachers of all subject areas with the competencies to integrate ICT into their teaching and learning methodologies.

Teachers were awarded the Level II - Knowledge Deepening Certification at a graduation ceremony on Tuesday.

This project, which is aligned to the UNESCO ICT Competency Standards Framework, also provides teachers with a wide range of ICT-based skills, inclusive of competencies in technology-enhanced assessment in preparation for E-Testing.  

The training programme was extended over a seven-week period from 29th April – 18th June 2019.

Each teacher selected attended one session per week, but on different days of each week.

The ministry says this effectively ensured that a teacher did not miss a particular group of students repeatedly each week.

The twelve (12) teachers selected for training from each school were grouped by subject areas such as - Natural Sciences / Mathematics/ Information Technology, Visual & Performing Arts / Technical Vocational/ Business, Modern Languages / English Language Arts / Social Sciences.

Training was conducted simultaneously at selected venues in each Education District from Monday to Thursday of each week.

This is the fourth cohort of the programme which has trained a total of 2,180 teachers to date.

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