Patsy's daily water struggle

Every day be­fore she takes a bath or cooks her first meal for the day, pen­sion­er Pat­sy Thomas has an ar­du­ous task.

She must fill four buck­ets of wa­ter from a stand­pipe at King's Wharf, San Fer­nan­do a few hun­dred me­tres from her home.

While peo­ple look on with­out of­fer­ing any help, Thomas places the buck­ets in­to a shop­ping cart and labou­ri­ous­ly push­es it to her home.

Peo­ple seem blind to her strug­gles even though the city is bustling with mid-morn­ing traf­fic.

Thomas said she was tired of fill­ing wa­ter. She said while some peo­ple were suf­fer­ing on­ly dur­ing the dry sea­son, her dif­fi­cul­ties with get­ting wa­ter to her home take place through­out the year.

"When I hear peo­ple cry­ing out say­ing they on­ly get­ting wa­ter once per week, I feel sad be­cause I nev­er get wa­ter. I have no run­ning wa­ter in my house and I have no­body to help me get wa­ter," she cried.

Thomas' home is lo­cat­ed di­rect­ly on the Wharf where over a dozen new huts have sprung up over the past two years.

With the 2030 Vi­sion to build the wa­ter­front project, Thomas said she was fear­ful that one day soon she will have to move.

In the mean­time, she is hop­ing that some­one in au­thor­i­ty could help her get wa­ter.

 - by Radhica De Silva. Photo by Kristian De Silva