PCA commends police on Pollonais kidnap investigation

The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) is commending the Police Service (TTPS) on the investigation into the kidnapping for ransom of Natalie Pollonais and the subsequent arrest of members of the TTPS.

"The PCA notes with grave concern that once again the actions of a few “rogue” officers have tarnished the reputation of the TTPS and have further eroded the public’s trust and confidence in the service. There can be no doubt that discipline must be at the forefront of the TTPS’s agenda," a statement by the PCA said.

The PCA added that it stands firm in its belief that a more proactive approach needs to be taken to instill discipline in the membership of the TTPS.

The PCA is seeking to assure the public and to remind police officers that "we shall continue to hold police officers accountable in circumstances where they have committed criminal offences, police corruption, serious police misconduct and for matters related thereto".

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