PDP sends condolences on Argyle Falls tragedy

Monday, November 18, 2019 - 09:30

Condolences continue to pour in for the families and friends mourning the tragic passing of 15-year-old Kharisha Thompson and 19-year-old Chrislon Walters, over the weekend.

The latest expressions of comfort have come from the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP), who say there are no words which can bring comfort to those grieving the youngsters’ untimely deaths at Argyle Falls.

The PDP also stated that psycho-social support should be given—as quickly as possible—to all those connected to the tragedy, who need support for any PTSD they may be experiencing.

The party also is urging those responsible for safety and security concerns at the tourism site to act with dispatch to address those issues, to minimize the likelihood of future incidents.

The full text of the release, follows…

“ The Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) joins the island of Tobago in mourning the untimely deaths of Kharisha Thompson and Chrislon Walters. Our family shares in the sadness and loss. We will do all within our power to provide the necessary support that the respective families need.

We are cognisant that there is little that can be said or done to ease the pains being experienced by the affected families and the village of Argyle. No words are eloquent enough to bring sufficient comfort. No action thoughtful enough to erase the hurt. In this terrible moment, all we truly have is each other.  We prayer that the love of family and village brings comfort, and that this tragedy reminds us all of the importance of loving each other and demonstrating genuine care for our neighbours.

Additionally, we hasten to urge that support also be provided to the teenagers that escaped death yesterday. The relevant state agencies must step forward in providing counselling to treat with the Post Traumatic Stress Disorders that may result from the tragedy.   We also encourage other friends and family to seek emotional and spiritual support if and when needed.

Finally we encourage those involved to ensure that the safety concerns at Argyle Waterfall now being raised in the wake of this calamity are addressed post-haste. No effort should be spared in trying to minimize future injury or fatalities at the park. ”



Story by NEWS DESK

Image caption: Firemen at the scene at Argyle Waterfall in Tobago where two teens drowned, on Sunday.