Petit Valley man shot dead

A man was gunned down in Pe­tit Val­ley on Thurs­day night.


He has been iden­ti­fied as Daniel Gowrie al­so known as Dan­ny Boy, 35, of Up­per Sto­er Dri­ve.

Po­lice said at about 11.39 pm Gowrie was at his home when three men dressed in po­lice uni­form with their faces par­tial­ly cov­ered with ban­danas went to his home and called him out­side shout­ing "Po­lice, po­lice."

Gowrie's moth­er on hear­ing "Po­lice" out­side opened the door and al­lowed the men to en­ter.

Up­on en­ter­ing the masked men saw Gowrie sit­ting on a win­dow ledge and or­dered him to lie down on the floor.

The men then hand­cuffed him and took him out­side in the yard where they opened fire on him.

Gowrie's moth­er told po­lice she ran out­side when she heard the gun­shots and found her son ly­ing un­der a street light in front of their home.

She al­so saw a grey Rav4 dri­ving away.

Gowrie died on the scene.

Reporter: Rhondor Dowlat

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