Petrotrin: 300 barrels of oil have entered the sea

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 09:00

State-oil company, Petrotrin has said that clean-up operations have revealed that 300 barrels of oil have entered the sea from Sunday's oil spill.

Petrotrin says it continues to spearhead efforts to contain and recover oil from the spill.

Petrotrin issued the following statement today:

"Petrotrin continues its ongoing activities to contain and recover the oil spilled from its Pointe-aPierre operations.

Aerial surveys and monitoring continued this morning alongside other clean-up and recovery activities.

Estimates from the Incident Command Center indicate that approximately 300 barrels have entered the sea and tidal conditions suggest that the oil is heading in a south westerly direction. 

Petrotrin’s operations personnel, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, the Environment Management Authority and other regulatory bodies continue to spearhead recovery efforts.

Cognisant of our responsibility to ensure the clean-up is completed in a timely manner and with minimal impact to the environment, our clean-up crews are working around the clock and a Wildlife Rehabilitation Plan has been mobilized and implemented.

Any impacted animal identified will be re-habilitated in established centres in Trinidad. 

Members of the public with information are asked to contact us at our 24-hour Emergency Contact number – 658-SAFE (7233) 

We thank our stakeholders for their patience and understanding as we continue to address this incident."