PM ROWLEY: “We must care about Cambridge Analytica…”

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 12:15

The prime minister has identified suspicious transactions allegedly in relation to payments by the former Peoples Partnership Government to Cambridge Analytica for data mining services.

Dr Rowley's comment comes after the UNC said there was nothing pinning the party to claims that members were responsible for breaching citizens’ privacy.

The PM told a meeting in Montrose, Chaguanas, last night, that Ross Advertising Agency appears to have been involved in the suspicious transactions.

“Ross Advertising, $13 million to advertise Chaguaramas. Now, Kamla asks ‘who the hell cares’? Well, I ask what the hell was Chaguaramas advertising to cost you $13 million?”

As he connected the dots during the political meeting last night, the PM raised red flags with NGC's boom in cost of its corporate social responsibilities.

“Well, Kamla, we care because you take $953 million from NGC for branding and advertising. And you know who was in the middle? The same Ross Advertising from Chaguaramus Development Agency.”

And the prime minister also condemned what he believes is a cavalier attitude by opposition leader and former prime minister, Kamla Persad Bissessar, to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Dr Rowley says despite what the opposition would like the population to believe, government is making a big deal of the issue because what occurred back in 2010 was very serious. He says it’s not about scoring political points for the upcoming elections.

He maintains that people in this country need to care, especially since, he points out, under Mrs Persad Bissessar’s government, citizens lost their private data, which he argues, should have been protected under the laws of this country.

According to the prime minister, the United States and the United Kingdom took the matter very seriously and made a point to interview Christopher Wylie, author of a tell-all book documenting the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The PM points to a meeting attended by T&T’s attorney general back in 2018, which included the UK’s National Crime Agency, Elections Commission and Information Commission, along with the US Department of Justice, the FBI and the New York Attorney General’s Office.