PNM concerned about "attempts to politicize" health of PM

Monday, August 8, 2016 - 11:15

The People's National Movement is expressing concern over what the party deems as "attempts to politicize" the health of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

The party has issued the following statement through its public relations officer Sharon Felix.

"The People’s National Movement Women’s League views with concern the attempts to politicize the health of the Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley, especially by commentators throwing stones from glass houses well known to the national community.

Dr. Rowley took the nation into his confidence when, in an address to the Women’s League Conference he informed that he was proceeding on holiday preceded by some medical tests and asked us to keep him in our prayers.

His detractors, clearly have still not gotten over the fact that Dr. Rowley was elected Prime Minister on September 7, 2015 and have used this latest development to perpetuate the latest version of the ‘No Rowley’ campaign. They were, at first, castigating Dr. Rowley for using illness as an elaborate ruse to go on his contractually due vacation and have now gone on to insinuate that the Prime Minister is hiding his true illness and needs to be more forthright with the public. They cannot have it both ways.

They have even attempted to distort the records of previous prime ministers. It should be noted that contrary to the revisionist history now being peddled, the country was only informed of the extent of then Prime Minister, Patrick Manning condition, after he returned from surgery in Cuba.

The Prime Minister has already taken the nation into his confidence on his medical tests and one can be sure will keep the nation apprised as needed. To attempt to delve into the Prime Minister’s health after earlier accusing him of feigning illness to go on a joy-ride, is unseemly and unbecoming of any political commentator.

The Women’s League wishes to support our leader in finally being able to proceed on a short period of rest and relaxation so important to the performance of his demanding duties. We also wish to assure him that he and the entire PNM administration remains in our prayers as they go about the demanding job of saving this nation."