Police continue crackdown on illegal weapons

Thursday, January 2, 2020 - 11:30

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service continues its crackdown on illegal weapons in this country.

In two separate anti-crime exercises yesterday, officers arrested two people, each of whom were caught with a pistol and ammunition.

During an anti-crime exercise conducted in the Diego Martin district yesterday, officers of  the West  End  Police  Station arrested A teenager and seized a pistol and one round of ammunition.

According to official police reports, officers were  on  mobile  patrol  around  10:30am,  on  Wednesday when they had cause to stop and search a teenager who was riding a bicycle along Cicada Drive.

The search resulted in officers finding one pistol loaded with a magazine containing one round of ammunition.

The 17-year-old suspect was  arrested  in connection with the find.

And Southern Division police arrested a taxi  driver  and seized a  firearm  and  quantity  of  ammunition during an anti-crime exercise in the Claxton Bay district yesterday.

Police reports indicate that during the  exercise on Wednesday,  officers  of  the  Southern  Division  Task  Force proceeded  to  St.  Margaret’s  Village,  Claxton  Bay,  around  6:15pm,  where  they executed a  search  warrant  at the home of a 23-year-old suspect.

The  search  resulted  in  the discovery of one  Taurus  pistol  loaded  with  an  extended magazine and containing 18 rounds of ammunition.

The suspect—who was in the house at the time of the search—was arrested in connection with the find.

Investigations are ongoing in both cases.



Story by NEWS DESK