Police investigate alleged abduction of UWI student

Police are investigating the alleged abduction of a student from the University of the West Indies who was blindfolded and taken to a location for several hours before he was returned unharmed.

Alex Gopaul, 18, of Bonasse Village, Cedros, told police he was abducted by two men who blindfolded, gagged and tied him up. 

He said he was kept inside a van for two hours before he was finally released.

In a statement to police, Gopaul said around 10 am on Wednesday he left home to drop off a book for a friend in Syfoo Trace, Cedros. He was driving his silver B-15.

After dropping off the book, Gopaul said he drove into a cemetery road to turn.

However, he was blocked by a brown van which was parked close by.

Two men with bandannas over their faces jumped out of the van and walked behind Gopaul's car.

They pointed a gun at him, blindfolded him and tied up his hands with rope.

They then put him in the back seat of the brown van.

Gopaul said a short while later the van stopped and he was left in the van for two hours. He made no attempt to run.

Afterward, the men removed his blindfold and he realized he was in Austin Road, South.

After some time passed, the men replaced the blindfold and dropped him back to his car. He was not harmed.

He drove straight to the Cedros Police Station where he lodged a report. 

PC Boodhai is continuing investigations. 

Source: www.guardian.co.tt (Radhica De Silva)

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