Police: Investigations reveal ex-soldier shot himself

Police say the investigations into the death of a man previously named in a report of wounding involving Dillon Johnson, revealed that it was accidental due to negligence in using his licensed firearm.

The matter involves the owner of a private security firm, Multinational Protection Specialist Network, 51-year-old Richard Edwards.

A statement by the Police Service indicated that the former Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force member, was at his business place at Point Lisas Business Park, around 8:40 pm, on Friday 1st March 2019, in the company of several persons, inclusive of a police officer.

Edwards took out his licensed 9mm pistol and began demonstrating some techniques with the firearm.

During the demonstration, he reloaded the pistol, removed the magazine and placed it to his head, as he explained his actions to the group.

Police say that despite warnings from some of the persons present, he continued his actions, released the trigger, and a loud explosion was then heard as he fell to the floor.

Edwards was rushed to the Eric Williams’ Medical Sciences Complex via E.H.S, however, he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police say they have since recorded several statements from eyewitnesses and so far they have corroborated this sequence of events.

The deceased was previously named among several other persons relative to a report of wounding with intent involving Dillon Johnson, however, he was never interviewed by the police, as investigators did not have sufficient evidence to question him in that matter.

Investigations into this matter are ongoing.

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