Police officers injured in accident

Four police officers were injured in an accident in Barrackpore Tuesday morning. 

Reports indicate that none of the officers received life-threatening injuries.

However, images showed the officers being transported from the scene of the accident in an ambulance. 

One eyewitness told Guardian Media's Ivan Toolsie that a red pick-up truck which was driving behind the officers crashed into the police vehicle after they suddenly mashed brakes. 

In a separate incident, video footage appeared on social media showing a police vehicle said to be in the Valencia area driving with a twisted tire. 

The person recording the video could be heard questioning the safety of the officers and other motorists passing by.

TTPS vehicle with the registration plate PDA 2259, was seen driving with three working tires with the amber lights on.  

Guardian Media contacted the Valencia Police Station and officers there said they had no information about the incident at the time.

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