Police seek public's help to identify those behind Cocorite gunfire

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 12:30

Police officers of the Western Division are calling on members of the public to help them in identifying the people behind Monday night’s rapid gunfire in the Cocorite area.

According to a police report, during the hours of 9 pm on Monday and 2 am Tuesday, residents at Waterhole made several calls to E999 reporting unknown gunmen in the area shooting at their homes and cars.

No one was injured during the incident.

However, police said residents are very fearful, some of whom have vowed to move out.

A resident, whose son was killed earlier this year and wished not to give her name, called for an increase in police patrols in the area.

“The young men careless, carefree and reckless and they need to be stopped. With all these gunshots innocent people and children can be killed and there will be no justice. The police and army need to move in here and search for them and take them down and get the guns off the streets,” the 64-year-old woman said.

A senior officer at the St James Police Station said police patrols have already been increased.

However, the officer asked for further help from the public.

Anyone with information can call 555, 999, 800-TIPS or 482-GARY.

 - Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant