Police take Ramlogan, Ramdeen to search houses

Police investigators used an unorthodox technique late today, escorting former attorney general Anand Ramlogan to his Palmiste home, an ornate mansion ensconced behind a tall fence.

Police also escorted Ramlogan's associate Gerald Ramdeen, to his own home nearby.

Ramlogan seemed in good spirits, smiling as he entered his premises with the police.

His attorney, Senior Counsel Pamela Elder, decried the probe as "a fumbling and floundering investigation."

"I've been waiting all day to represent my client and yet 14 hours later he is detained," she said.

"He was arrested before sunrise and it's almost sunset with nothing meaningful. He was on way to the British Virgin Islands to represent his client and he was deprived of this duty. He has been sitting all day without questioning. This is oppressive conduct on behalf of the police."

Police officers also went to Ramdeen's chambers at 5.40 pm to conduct a search. 

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