President meets with Independent Senators today

President Paula-Mae Weekes will meet with Independent Senators this afternoon. 

A statement by the Office of the President says that following upon the request on February 2nd 2018 of the coordinator of the Independent Bench Senator Dr. Dhanayshar Mahabir for a one-on-one meeting with then President-Elect Weekes, “to discuss matters of relevance to the Independent Bench”, Her Excellency has decided to take the opportunity to make the acquaintance of the Independent Bench.

The statement notes that aside from the two attorneys on the bench - Senators Chote and Roach - President Weekes is unfamiliar with their membership.

In that light, President Weekes will be hosting an informal “meet and greet” with all the Independent Senators this afternoon.

The statement says that while Her Excellency has indicated to the bench that this afternoon’s tea is jacket and tie optional, Her Excellency has acceded to Senator Mahabir’s stated preference and will be providing English High Tea complete with scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream.

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