Prisoner found hanging

Murder accused Pedro Sue D'labeiro, 64, was found hanging in his Top Security cell at the Golden Grove Remand Yard Prison in Arouca last night.
According to a police report, Delaberro had psychiatric issues and was currently under suicidal watch.
Delaberro was serving a sentence for triple murder. He was incarcerated for seven years thus far and had a psychiatric condition. His last visit for evaluation and treatment was last month.
Police said at about 1.48 prison officer Romany was on duty and was conducting checks when he found Delaberro hanging from the bars of the cell. He used a bedsheet.
Infirmary physician Dr Mohammed was called to the cell and checked for Delaberro vitals, however, there was no sign of life. He was taken to the Arima Health Facility where be was pronounced dead at about 3.10am.
Reporter: Rhondor Dowlat
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